Internet Users – #MM22

vizz of internet users 2010 - 2015

This week in #MakeoverMonday I worked with data about internet penetration. This dataset is from interesting source of public data called Knoema.

Original vizz consists from interactive map which shows percentage of internet users in countries from 1960 to 2015.

Original map

I like the map vizz and possibility to select particular year. But it is difficult to :

  • quickly see which countries are on the top or bottom
  • understand how the situation changed during the time

So to reveal this insights was my goal for this week.

Exploring the data

The first thing I noticed were missing data for some Years. Therefore I decided to use only data from 2010 to 2015.

Missing data

And data for some Countries was missing also.

Missing data vizz

In some cases not fully (only for some Years). But because I wanted to show difference between Years, I decided to filter out Countries with incomplete data.

I calculated number of  null and zero records per Country and then filtered out Countries with count higher than 0.

Missing data per country calculation

Creating vizz

My idea was to create vizz from this parts:

  • map showing Number of internet user in individual Countries
  • filter for Year
  • bar charts with top and bottom 5 Countries
  • bar chart shows Countries with the highest Increase of internet users

Map and filter for year

Create the map is easy task. But because I wanted to work with Year across all parts of vizz (even in text fields) I created the parameter for year.

Parameter for year

I separated Number of users in particular Years.

Number of users in particular year

And created calculation for Number of user in these Years.

calculation for number of user in selected year

Then I used this new measure to create the map.

Map o internet users

Top and Bottom 5 countries

I used again the same calculated field. To show only 5 top (or bottom) I created set from Countries and used it in filter.

set for top 5 users

Countries with the highest increase of internet users

Because I decided to show Year to Year difference without table calculation, I created new calculated field which I used to create bar chart.

year over year difference

And after putting elements in one dashboard and some formatting, this is the result.

vizz of internet users 2010 - 2015


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